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Sterling Bracelet
Distinguished Bracelet
Cylindrical Silver Anklet
Elite Bracelet
Precious Bracelet
Genteel Bracelet
Starlight Silver Bracelet
Elegance Bracelet
Starlight Gold Bracelet
L'Amour Bracelet
Golden Emperor Bracelet
Viking Wrist Band
Opal Moon Bracelet
Cleo Pearl Bracelet
Magnetic Pearl Necklace
Titanium Link
Titanium Radiance
Titanium Par One
Titanium Top Gear
Titanium Link

Important information: Australian Magnet Therapy does not diagnose, prescribe, or make any medical claims. We do not recommend people with any sort of medical implant such as pacemakers, insulin pumps, defibrillators or if you are pregnant to use magnetic products. Magnetic Therapy is not intended to replace medical advice or prescriptions. Any one who has medical conditions or concerns with their health should always consult their doctor before use. No guarantee of effectiveness is made with the use of magnetic therapy products, as individual results may vary. As a precaution we advise you to keep electronic, electrical and magnetic devices away from magnetic products as it may affect their performance. Thank you.